The T intersection of Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.

Spend some time in Eurobodalla and it’s hard to miss the opportunities arising from our location, environment and wealth of natural assets.

As the closest marine area to our nation’s capital, Eurobodalla is positioned to play a lead role in the growing marine economy. Projected to be a 100 billion dollar industry by 2025, our already thriving marine economy offers vast opportunity to expand, and there is huge capacity and potential to be explored in both existing and new sectors.

Eurobodalla is also emerging as an area of note for sustainable agriculture and small scale farming. Both the Eurobodalla name and the stories of our producers is highly valued in the market. Our produce is award-winning and in demand, both locally and internationally, and with direct flights from Canberra to Singapore the opportunities for value-add paddock-to-plate ventures is significant.

As Canberra’s aquatic and wilderness playground, Eurobodalla will always be a tourist haven. Our tourism market is well supported by an educated wealthy demographic seeking new experiences and adventures, as well as respite from the relentless nature of modern living. Our combination of modern cosmopolitan towns and small historic villages allows a tourism mix ranging from five stars to the most basic of pleasures, and there are numerous opportunities waiting to be developed.

While all of these sectors stand alone, it is where they overlap that offers truly remarkable opportunity in our Shire. The intersection of food, tourism and the blue economy is perhaps the most exciting market area to emerge in a decade.

Investment in Eurobodalla

Investment in Eurobodalla