Eurobodalla Shire is open for business and enjoying a period of significant growth.

Not only does this present substantial business and investment opportunities, it reveals one of our greatest assets. Many of the people here have chosen to be here. They have made a considered decision to live, work and invest in Eurobodalla. This means not only is there a shared passion and belief in our region, but a respect for new ideas, innovation, and strategies for a sustainable future. Eurobodalla Council shares this passion.


A commitment to growth.

We are serious about developing business and investment in our Shire and have dedicated staff to help you.

We know the immense potential of this area, particular in tourism, food and agriculture, and the marine economy. We see the intersection and overlap of these as incredibly exciting and an ideal way to leverage our natural assets and location. We understand there are products, services and industries yet to emerge from these intersections, and Eurobodalla is well positioned to be a driver of these innovations.

We invite you to invest some time.

Not just exploring this website but here on the ground. Discover our towns and villages, walk our beaches and forests, talk to our people. Think about what it would mean for you to live, work and invest here, and make some considered decisions.


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